Small Claims / Judgment Recovery

Small Claims

Simply because a particular cause of action qualifies as a small claim does not mean that you shouldn’t have effective legal representation throughout the process. We can help you recover when another party has:

  • – Assaulted or otherwise injured you,
  • – Breached a contract/agreement with you,
  • – Wrongfully remained in, or taken possession of, property belonging to you, or,
  • – Failed to pay on a debt owed to you.

Judgment Recovery/Collections

In addition to acquiring an initial judgment for our clients, we can also assist judgment creditors with collection activities through the use of wage garnishments, liens, and other devices authorized by law. Even if you have already been awarded a judgment, our attorney can help maximize the amount you actually recover.

Don’t assume your small claims or collections matter can be handled effectively without the assistance of a qualified professional. Let our attorneys ensure that every possible argument is made, appropriate procedures are followed, and the best resources are utilized in winning your case.