Estate Planning

Estate plans are important to make if you own property or assets, and have loved ones who you wish to receive parts of your estate after you pass away. Effective estate planning will protect your assets while you are living, and also preserve your estate and distribute it according to your wishes after you pass away. Estate plans will also protect your medical and financial decision making rights, and ensure that your interests are safeguarded should you become incapacitated or in some way unable to do so for yourself. When you pass away, your estate should be divided and distributed in accordance with your wishes. Our attorneys can assist clients in creating and revising simple wills as well as comprehensive estate plans.

Estate planning does not consist solely of creating a will, but also encompasses a myriad of other issues and details, including life insurance policies, bank accounts, investments and more. Our attorneys are able to identify and advise you about many details that you may have never considered in regards to your Oklahoma estate plan.

Well crafted estate plans encompass many minute details and some people may foolishly disregard creating a plan, a choice that carries potentially harmful consequences. Estate planning will help avoid the negative effects of events that may transpire after your death causing unnecessary strife and hardship for the loved ones you leave behind. Planning ahead with an experienced estate planning attorney is critical.

Your estate plan is a very personal matter and you should think carefully about how your plan will affect you and those close to you.  Each individual and family is unique, with its own needs and objectives, and failing to address or attempting to address these unique situations with a standard form, without thought as to how that form will satisfy your specific needs, is ill advised.

The sooner you begin the estate planning process the more options you will have to accomplish your goals and objectives.  You are never too young or too old to implement an estate plan.  However, procrastinating may result in your involuntary adoption of the state’s plan rather than a customized plan that meets your individual needs.  Failing to plan will cost you and your loved ones much more in the long run.

Our capable estate planning attorneys can review every aspect of your estate with you, and ensure every possible scenario is well planned for.

Some of our estate planning services include:

  • – Wills
  • – Trusts
  • – Advanced Directives
  • – Power of Attorneys
  • – Probate
  • – Guardianship (Adult and Child)